iSam, Sam I Am.

Mar 17

Anonymous asked: OH MY GOD, SAM, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??

DOIN’ HOODRAT STUFF WITH MY FRIENDS. (Just kidding I’ve been eating..mostly.)

Anonymous asked: UP.DATE. PLEASE

Yo, Mama’s been busy. 

Nov 05



College is not quite all it’s cracked up to be, is it? I’m not going to say I miss high school. That would be far too inaccurate. It’s not like I can’t handle the work load anyway. Or the solitude. I’m used to that too.


I hear ya, nub. I was picturing freedom but of course my mother decided to go after my professors and now my math professor has got it out for me. Doesn’t he know I’m Sam Puckett? He should feel lucky that all I do is avoid his class. It’s weird not having the three of us together all the time.

Mar 10


Of course le rp-er isn’t quietly sobbing while rereading through this rp. SO MUCH ANGST AND SARCASM OMG.

Mar 05


Dec 12

Mama needs food.

She’s got a submission box that can handle large quantities of bacon, ham, and other various delicious food.


Dec 02

Anonymous asked: I hope someday, you & Freddie will make things clear and get back together. I know it's not my life, I just think that you're really happy when you're with him and so is he when he's with you. :)

It takes two to tango. 

Anonymous asked: Do you still love Freddie like you did when you 2 were dating? Be honest please :) You & Freddie are really cute as couple.

We’re- uh, in a good place. I think.

If only he’d tell me exactly what happened with the whole Missy thing.

Anonymous asked: ham or bacon?


Anonymous asked: gives plate of food